Box Jumps & 2 months!

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Toronto with my girlfriends. I’d never been before and it was such a fun and interesting city. Canadians are incredibly nice, the city itself was really hipster and different from Boston, and the restaurants were delicious. All around an awesome time.

This morning though, I was exhausted, and feeling no so great after another long weekend of drinking and eating. The last thing I wanted to do was meet my trainer but since I’m paying her, I don’t really have a choice.

Same as always, I’m so glad I did4

Today we tackled one of my biggest workout fears (without my trainer even knowing it). She had me do box jumps.

I used to always watch the contestants on the Biggest Loser who were afraid to do box jumps and I couldn’t understand why. I’d always think it wasn’t that big of a deal and they just had to stop thinking about it and do it.

About a year ago though I was going to try it myself and for some reason I completely psyched myself out. It’s definitely mental and I never went through with it.

It sounds ridiculous, because again, all you do is jump, but there is something about it that totally freaks me out.

Well today I did box jumps, and I am so happy about it. I started off on the small lower to the ground box jumps but she quickly had me move to the taller box. Midway through she asked what sports I played in highschool because I was a really good jumper.

That little comment completely made my day. I stopped being so worried about doing them, and just let my body go and I have to say…I like box jumps!

I’m really excited for this month of October. As of today, it’s 2 months until my wedding day! I have a lot of healthy fitness goals this month and a lot of fun things to look forward to, like my bachelorette and my first ever half-marathon. I think October is going to be a fantastic month

Everything takes work.

When I want something, I tend to want it right now. I want to see/feel/know I’ve got what it is I want.

For example, when the Officer and I went through a rough patch when we first moved in together, and subsequently rougher patches on and off for a few months, I wanted it fixed right away. I didn’t want arguing or the work to get there I just wanted us to be perfect.

But months later, and many many many conversations, arguments, tears, learning moments, and growing together as a couple has gotten us to a place I always wanted. A team. Best friends. Supportive. Late night talks and cuddling. Admiration for each other. It’s amazing. But it took a lot of work. It will probably continue to take work.

I’m so glad we put the amount of work we did in, or I don’t think we’d be where we are now.

Then comes my weight/fitness goal. As soon as I said I wanted to lose weight and get fit again I wanted immediate results. And when I didn’t immediately notice large enough results, or I gained weight back, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and ruining everything I had done to that point.

I started putting myself down in my head. Maybe I AM lazy. Maybe I’m NOT an athlete. Maybe I CAN’T lose weight.

And so instead of working out, I’d eat.

Hungerless emotional eating.

It wasn’t fun.

The pressure of my upcoming bachelorette and wedding didn’t help.

But recently I decided to let it go.

Let the stress, the need for results RIGHT THIS SECOND, the anxiety and strict rules go away.

Instead, I’m looking at the larger picture.

I want to be fit again and lose weight for the long haul. I want to make a lifestyle change, not a wedding change (although of course that will be one of the benefits).

So I’m talking to myself a little more nicely. Yes I have been lazy, but I am NOT lazy.

Two mornings a week (for the past 3 weeks) I have seen my personal trainer for strength training (I’m sore right now from yesterday). This will continue through November.

I’m committing to 3 other days per week to work out – be it a run, spin class, elliptical or even a fast walk. 30 minutes at least 3 additional days a week.

I joined Weight Watchers online. For the first time I am truly tracking what I eat…and realizing that handfuls of cheddar bunnies, pistachios, toast with pb, and cheese sticks post dinner in front of the tv are not at all necessary.

I’ve been eating a giant salad for at least one meal per day. (I actually learned I LOVE arugula and banana peppers.) I’m cooking fish, chicken and other lean meats. I’m eating oatmeal, bananas, and hard-boiled eggs for snacks.

I don’t feel restricted because I’m actually eating a ton of food, foods I enjoy and make me feel energized and good without going well over my calories or points per day. I dislike broccoli but I friggan love kale chips (very simple ones in fact, just roast in the oven with garlic salt for 20 minutes) so I’m not setting myself up for failure by eating what “healthy” people eat. I’m finding and defining the best way for me to stay healthy.

It’s a learning process though. I thought muesli would be a good choice at Au Bon Pain for breakfast this morning… apparently it’s 11 points (I get a total of 26 per day)! I could have gotten a ton of other options for fewer points and calories!

The point is, I WILL put the hard work in. And I have a feeling that the results will taste that much sweeter because of it.

And finally, I’m committing myself to making actual, honest updates on here.1

I’m exercising…but still eating triple

Last night I almost threw up in my Bar Method class. Not because it was so difficult (although it was quite the workout) but because less than an hour before class I devoured a giant peanut-butter cupcake that my coworker brought me from Mike’s Pastry.

I would have taken a picture of the cupcake but I shoveled it in too fast. If you’ve seen Matilda, picture the boy and the chocolate cake scene.

I felt a little better after Bar Method even though the amount of food and sugar throughout the day wasn’t leaving me as energized as I normally feel after class.

And then, my friend S and I met up to take advantage of Boston’s restaurant week.

I’m just starting to get back into my workout routine. Usually when I get into a workout groove, my food intake actually by default gets healthier. But I’m having a hard time adjusting this time.  If anything as I have been working out more, I’m increasing my intake above and beyond what I’m burning!

The thing is I never want to have to give up my desserts or extra cheesy extra crunchy mac n cheese. But I think I need to start being more conscious of what I am eating, my portion size, and maybe cutting back on some of these foods.

If I want to lose weight, and get back in shape I need to just do it. Plan my meals, make better choices, and get some portion control.

April Goals

I jumped out of bed and picked it up. In my half sleep I heard the person say, “This is Jeff from (mumbled something) department“.

I immediately thought someone from the Officer’s Police Department was calling me. He was working the overnight shift and my stomach dropped thinking that something might have happened to him.

I kept asking over and over for the person to repeat what they were saying. I was disoriented and my anxiety had rocketed. I finally understood, it was a person from my work department calling. There was a technical emergency, or so they thought, and they didn’t know who to call so they called me.

I didn’t know what to feel. Relief that it wasn’t the Officer. Fury that work was calling me at 3:30am. Or just absolute frustration because I’m exhausted and I spent hours awake after the call trying to stop picturing any future scenario where that call would in fact, be from the Officer’s department.  1 2

Something about that call really woke me up. It’s no secret that I have been less optimistic over the past few months and work has played a role in that. I’ve been exhausted, eating poorly and rarely working out.

Well I’m ready to change. I want to be healthy, happy, enjoy and appreciate life, especially my life with the Officer.  I think it’s about time to use this blog to hold myself accountable and to set some goals!

Here’s to a healthy and happy April!

  1. Write down or share with the Officer 3 things I am thankful for every night
  2. Have a friend(s) date at least once a week
  3. Be fully present during Easter weekend with my family
  4. Get 7.5 hours of sleep on all work nights
  5. Finish my new vision board
  6. Work-out a minimum of 4 times a week
  7. Make 1/2 my lunch and 1/2 my dinner plate vegetables
  8. Give it my all and complete my mid-April duathlon
  9. Go to 7 or more bar method classes before my unlimited month expires
  10. Complete one 5 mile run

What are your April goals?

“A cold beer on a Friday night, A pair of jeans that fit just right, And the radio up”

I miss writing my blog posts. I miss reading blog posts!

I just have to accept that this week has been incredibly busy and with no internet at home currently (maybe a blessing in disguise?) I just haven’t been able to get on here.

I wanted to say a quick Happy Friday!

Here’s what I’m up to this weekend…

Singing this song over and over

Seeing this movie tonight with the girls:



Sleeping in on Saturday morning and then going for a long run on along the beach.

Attending a bachelorette party Saturday starting at 5pm in a party trolley. Woo woo!

Spending all of Sunday with the Officer. We have a breakfast date, a 2 mile walk, spring cleaning and more on our schedule.

Hope you all have fun plans this weekend

I don’t sweat. I sparkle!

The title of my post is dedicated to the little 8-year-old girl who wore a pink t-shirt that said that during our 5 mile run on Sunday. She was my motivation!

I’ve been trying to write a post for days now. What a busy busy busy past few days.

Aside from lots of quality time spent with the Officer and friends, the highlight of the past few days has been working out and starting to feel really good again.

On Sunday I ran Boston’s Run to Remember. 5 miles. I did it! It was hot and crowded but you know what? It didn’t feel worse than a 5k! I realized that in races for me it’s the first 1-2 miles that are always the worst. I should start warming up more and maybe they wouldn’t be so brutal. I used to think the people jogging down the street before a race were crazy but I’m starting to understand why they do it.


Anyway, I took it slow, with a final time of about 55 minutes so I wasn’t pushing it but I still finished strong. The nicest part is that I was done with my workout for the day by 8:15am!

Last night I went to a Bar Method class. I probably won’t go often anymore (so expensive) but I do love it so when my friend from NY came in for the night I thought it would be great to take her for a class before grabbing dinner. I didn’t realize how sore the run made me until we started doing thigh work and my legs burned and almost crumbled. The final stretch was definitely a happy moment.

This morning I got up at 5:58am again (I know some people get up at 5am, I give them SO MUCH CREDIT) because before 7am for me = rough. The midnight bed time didn’t help. I got my butt on the bus and to the 7am spin class with Eden and pushed as hard as I could on those incline songs. Painful and wonderful.

Side note: Health Works has the best iced coffee. Yum.

I’ll admit, as much as I hate getting up early to go to the gym once I do, I’m awake and I get it done for the day. There are no excuses at the end of a long work day to skip a workout because it’s already done. It also starts my day off on a positive note and it makes me crave a healthier breakfast which has been a nice added bonus.

Now to just get myself in a routine of Thursday and Friday mornings….

I decided my motto this week is WORK IT OUT.

I’ll be back later with a Wedding Wednesday post…

When it comes to running…

I need to learn that right now a “comfortable talking pace” run for me isn’t 10 minute miles. It’s 11-12 minute miles.

I need to follow my half-marathon training plan so when one day it’s sprints and the next it’s a comfortable pace, there’s a good reason behind it.

I need to realize that slow and steady wins the race…

But I also need to realize that sometimes running is uncomfortable and learning how to be uncomfortable and push past it, is the only way I’ll advance as a runner.

I need to remember to put on my compression socks and stretch after every run.

I need to celebrate each small victory, like the fact that last night I ran 3 miles straight without a single walking break!!!

I need to remember that no matter how stressful, frustrating, or draining a day may be, I always, always, feel better after a run.X8([_LCJLS`(XVM`V45RP17